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The Forestry Team undertakes the tree management for Leeds City Council, including the Housing, Education, Highways and Social Care departments.

We also undertaken work for Southern Electric Contracting,  relating to trees affecting the district’s street lighting.  We also manage the trees on land managed by Parks and Countryside such as parks, cemeteries and areas of woodland and other countryside.

As part of the Council’s peace and emergency planning system we provide a 24/7 emergency standby and call-out service throughout the City. We have members of the team on-call 24 hours a day. We attend any situation where a tree is presenting a hazard to either people or property. Visit our Tree emergencies page for more information.

Leeds City Council has a duty of care for the people who use the land we own and manage or who are our neighbours. The Forestry Team ensures that the trees for which we have responsibility are safely managed, so that they don’t pose an unreasonable risks to people or property. Additionally we also ensure that any legislative requirements and industry good practice are met.

We inspect and risk assess trees in order to prioritise our work. Trees are given a category following inspection.

Category 1: Emergency. Work to be completed within 24 hours
Category 2: Urgent. Work to be completed within 7 days
Category 3a: Developing Hazard. Not safe to leave for more than 3 months. Completion date given by inspector.
Category 3b: Developing Hazard. Not safe to leave for more than 12 months. Assigned a calendar quarter completion date eg Winter 2016.
Category 4: Non hazardous. No hazard identified, review periodically.

This category system is provided to all customers and used to prioritise all Parks & Countryside and Highways work. Category 4 is assigned to extremely low risk situations and will include situations where trees cast shade or disrupt TV reception or satellite signals. Pruning trees to alleviate these problems is not prioritised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Contact Forestry using the Contact Us section of this page.