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Assistive technology

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  • Assistive technology is the term used to describe a range of software and hardware alternatives designed to make our computers in libraries easier to use.
  • We have trackballs to replace the standard computer mouse. These trackballs can be operated with just one finger, ideal if you find a standard mouse difficult to use.
  • We have big-key keyboards as well as regular keyboards. The big-key version has large black letters on white keys that are almost four times normal size. To complement the larger keyboards we have larger monitors too.
  • Adjustable height desks allow comfortable access to the PC for people who use a wheelchair.
  • All of our libraries have some assistive technology though there will be a better choice at our bigger libraries. Contact any of our branch libraries if you want to check what alternatives are available.
  • We offer free learning sessions in basic computer skills including computing for absolute beginners. Sessions are in the form of small groups or one-to-one support. Specific sessions about assistive technology can be arranged with a librarian.

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