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Interested in working with cutting edge programs to develop products and services used by customers and businesses? From film and television, to advertising and marketing, the digital and creative industries are one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors in terms of both job and value creation.



ICT Services (office-based support for a business)
Roles include Database Administrator, Data Entry Clerk, Switchboard Operator, IT Support Technician and Computer Repair Technician
Average salary: £12,000 - £18,000 per annum (up to £25,000 when experienced)

Creative Services (specialised support and teaching)
Roles include Media Researcher, Librarian, Singing/Dance Teacher, Arts Administrator and TV Production Runner
Average salary: £13,000 – £20,000 per annum

Digital and Design Crafts (specialist services: face-to-face and office-based)
Roles include Animator, Web Design/Editor, Production Designer, Games Developer and Studio / Stage Manager
Average salary: £18,000 - £40,000 per annum​

Visit the National Careers Service for more information on careers in this sector.


Click to expandEssential Skills

- Interested in new technology

- Creativity

- Problem solving ability

- Strong IT skills

- Good written and verbal communication

- Well-organised and able to work to tight deadlines

Click to expandLabour market information

- Over 10,000 people are employed in the sector in Leeds.

- 1,350 Digital companies are based in Leeds.

- By 2025 there will be 6% more jobs in the sector.

- A growing industry with a 50% increase in mid-level tech jobs.

- Future skills focus on coding and flexible, freelance working to meet demand.



Man and woman looking at a MacBook

“There’s so much I love about my ​Apprenticeship. I’m meeting marketing experts, learning to use a variety of software packages and meeting with my college tutor on a regular basis to make sure I’m on track."

​​​​- Marketing Apprentice

‘’I created websites to gain experience in the sector. I'd design, speak to the customers and write the code, all while I was 17, at college. My favourite thing was creating my own games for fun!"

- EMIS IT Assistant