14/06/2016 00:00

Where Street Food Meets Market

Introducing our new dining experience, street food cafes serving tasty treats from across the world.

Pizza Fritta

Pizza Fritta has a cult-like status in Naples, and rightly so, but the real thing is hard to find in the UK. We decided this needed fixing and created ‘Frizza’, Leeds’ first pizza company dedicated to Pizza Fritta. And in case you're wondering, we pronouce it "Freetza" (just like "Peetza"!). Open Monday to Saturday 11am – 5:30pm and they do take away too.

Fat Annies

Authentic hand-made sausages, artisan bread and their own amazing pickles, relishes and sauces. It's that simple. Made with traditional methods using quality ingredients all their hot dogs and toppings give you a truly unique hot dog experience.



Bánh & Mee Vietnamese Street Kitchen

Mylinh and Sengy run the street café together and serve traditional family recipes with a modern Yorkshire twist. They offer simple, fresh and authentic food, bringing vibrant culture of Vietnamese street food, from the streets of Hanoi to the streets of Leeds

Manjit’s Kitchen

Offering vegetarian Indian cuisine. Manjit’s Kitchen is well known on the festival and street food scene throughout the UK and is already a popular, award winning street food trader, whose Chaat Cart is often seen at events around the area.

Mr Mackerel

Mr Mackerel serves up delicious Istanbul street food. Pop down and try a grilled mackerel sandwich or a tasty salmon burger.


A specialist tea room offering a wide variety of teas and coffees from all over the world, as well as serving selection of savoury and sweet pastries and muffins.

Yorkshire Wrap company

A traditional and truly ‘Yorkshire’ product, the humble Yorkshire pudding will be the focus of this street café; serving locally farmed roast meat in delicious homemade Yorkshire pudding wraps, with tasty gravy and condiments. Alongside the wraps, they will be offering cakes, brownies as well as daily specials and fresh coffee!


Leading independent Asian bakery Zm Zm (pronounced Zam Zam) will provide Kirkgate shoppers with an international twist on the traditional Yorkshire bakery, offering a world wide selection of bakery items including tandoori pizza, naan, chicken tikka pastries, baklava and Turkish bread. Zm Zm who already has a popular following at their shop in Harehills, will be bringing their exciting bakery produce right into the heart of Leeds city centre.

Jenny’s Jerk Chicken

Specialising in Jerk BBQ Chicken wraps, Jerk BBQ chicken wings & Legs, Curry Goat and Beef Stew. Jenny’s Jerk Chicken takes pride in the healthy and delicious dishes on offer.​