01/04/2014 13:45

Restoration of an old friend

an old black and white photo of Oakwood clock

We love our Marks and Spencer Clock in the 1904 hall of Kirkgate Market, but did you know that a long time ago there was a much bigger clock in the hall?

The original clock, designed by William Potts and Sons, was a beautiful addition to the market. The market became so popular however, that in 1913 a new entrance had to be created and the clock relocated to Oakwood, where it remains to this day.

This picture was found recently in Leeds Civic Hall archives and shows the original clock in place in the market. We were thrilled to hear last month that the Oakwood Traders and Residents Association have been successful in their £100k Heritage Lottery Fund bid to restore the clock to its former glory.

We just wanted to thank all of those that have generously donated their time and resources towards the restoration of a wonderful piece of Leeds’ history.