28/01/2014 06:35

Healthy living: EatingLeeds experience at Kirkgate Market

a fruit and vegetable stall at Leeds Market

Keep up the good work EatingLeeds, we could not agree more! Read our latest guest blog, it will draw you in and have you shopping market style forever... 'At EatingLeeds we have a mission; to gather local knowledge of Leeds’ markets, businesses and shops to put together a guide that everyone can use. We want to promote healthy living, fresh food and provide a platform with which everyone in our city can share their ideas, tips and tricks.

Our five strong team live in varying Leeds locations including Chapeltown, Headingley and Horsforth. We aim to cover each nook and cranny of Leeds, on your recommendations, to find the friendliest, freshest and best value places to do the all important food shop.

Since our first post at the beginning of this month we have had an overwhelmingly positive response with many people enthusing about just how much Leeds has to offer - especially the abundance of local markets including, of course, Leeds Kirkgate. 

One of the biggest indoor markets in Europe, Leeds Kirkgate is a bustling hub of culture and community within the city centre. With competition from various high street chains, Leeds Kirkgate still holds its own, selling top quality products at competitive prices and always with a kind smile and a bit of good ol’ northern chit-chat.

Food-wise, it’s fair to say the market is often unbeatable. From the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetable stalls to the long rows of butchers and fishmongers; from Chinese, Asian, Polish and Caribbean cuisine to bakers, freezer fillers and sweet and nut shops there’s literally something for everyone - and always something new to try! It’s exciting and certainly not rare to overhear the words “that’s an amazing deal” between families and friends as they browse.

Time and time again we pop to the market to ‘grab a loaf of bread’ and end up coming away with carrier bags, rucksacks and boxes loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables, the ‘deal of the day’ and a few extra little tasty treats - all for pocket money and all at amazing quality.

“It’s amazing, isn’t it!” said one shopper, “I’ve just got this mixed bag of veg for a quid. It’s got carrots, swede, parsnips, everything! All I need now is a bit of chicken from over there and that’s dinner sorted for the five of us. Plus left-overs, depending on my cooking skills”.

“We love it [trading] here. You can tell people prefer this sort of thing to supermarkets. They don’t have to spend a fortune and the stuff they get is just as fresh and they don’t have to use them silly machines or wait in those long queues. You grab what you like and pay for it and get a nice conversation if you want it too”.

“Of course, we’re happy to help out when there’s something someone doesn’t know. We often get asked advice, lot’s of these cooking shows are giving people ideas now but no-one becomes an expert just from watching the telly. Yeah, we’re happy to help”.

Over the course of the year EatingLeeds will be profiling some of your suggested favourite places to shop, taking photographs of the traders and doing short interviews to spread the word and help promote these lifelines of our community. Keep an eye out, we expect to be visiting individual stands and stalls within Leeds Kirkgate quite a lot over the course of the year!

Have a favourite stall within Leeds Kirkgate market? Want to give us advice on how to use a particular ingredient, share a favourite recipe or tell us a story about your market experience? Pop us a tweet @eatingleeds, find us at eatingleeds.tumblr.com and look out for us at future food fairs and events. We look forward to hearing from you.. and to our own next market bargain!'

Thank you EatingLeeds and come back soon!