21/05/2014 16:35

Celebrate volunteers at Kirkgate Market

volunteers at leeds market

Guest blog by – Zest Health for Life.

Most of us think that a trip to the local market is to buy things like food staples, a new outfit or a gift. However down at Leeds Kirkgate market there is another breed of market goer, one who goes to give time rather than to spend time. We like to call that market goer ‘the volunteer’.

Zest Health for Life manages Jamie’s Ministry of Food and Leeds Let’s Change Centre in Leeds Kirkgate Market and volunteers are involved in the day to day running of both places. Simon Chappelow, Project coordinator at Ministry of Food said ’Volunteers compliment the work we do. The time they give us helps us to work with more people and ensures the classes and services we offer run very smoothly’.

Volunteers offer their time for a variety of different reasons. Some are looking to develop and learn new skills that will help them gain employment, some have a little free time and want to offer something back and some have enjoyed learning at the Ministry of Food and want to make sure others do the same.

Zest tries to make sure that each volunteer achieves their volunteering goals. Dom Charkin, Community Projects Coordinator at Zest Health for Life said ‘Most people think of volunteering as quite limited, perhaps working in environmental conservation or a local charity shop.  However the reality is completely different and where possible we develop roles with people to make sure they stay motivated. Because of this we have people doing things as diverse as running information sessions on diabetes to handing out tasters and talking to members of the public.’

To celebrate volunteering and the work of volunteers, Zest Health for Life are running a photography competition as part of ‘Volunteers Month’ in June.  People involved in volunteering are being encouraged to send in photos that sum up what volunteering means to them. These will go on display at the Leeds Let’s Change centre in Leeds Kirkgate Market at the start of June. So if you are passing and fancy doing something different in the market why not pop by and have a look at the fantastic things that volunteers get up to.

For more information about Jamie's Ministry of Food see here: http://www.jamieoliver.com/jamies-ministry-of-food/leeds.php

For more information about Zest Health for Life please see here: http://www.zesthealthforlife.org/