Thornes Farm

Aerial view of the Thornes Farm site

​Divided into several plots, Thornes Farm is the only site in the EZ with existing users (who occupy three plots). The rest of the site consists of opportunities for a total 35,000 sqm of office, manufacturing and distribution uses. Development on both Connex 45, owned by Wilton Developments, and Plot 5 (CDP Ltd) are now complete.

Thornes Farm, Plot 2a/b
4.8 acres, Plot 2a and 2b shaded in grey are now sold. Divided into several plots, Thornes Farm is the only site in the EZ with existing users.

Commercial Development Projects Ltd
The development arm of the Marshall Group was formed in 1968. Specialising in acquiring sites for speculative development throughout the North of England, CDP Ltd has a prestigious landbank set aside for the continuing development of in-town retail, out-of-town retail, office, industrial and leisure development schemes. CDP is constantly actively pursuing new development opportunities.

Connex 45
Construction work is now complete on the 50,000 sq ft unit and a major distributor has taken lease on the building and is now operational. The 30,000 sq ft unit is also under lease and is fully operational. For up to date progress check our twitter page @LCR_EntZone for regular updates.

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Mike Baugh, CBRE

Rob Whatmuff, Lambert Smith Hampton
Wilton Developments

The property development vehicle of the Moore Family interests, Wilton Developments is active in the north of England and is primarily interested in development opportunities in the commercial and residential sectors. Wilton Developments is well funded, and is capable of undertaking large and small projects. Joint ventures and partnership opportunities are considered where appropriate.