Transfer to Leeds City Council

Already ​a foster carer and want to transfer to Leeds City Council?​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you’re already a foster carer with a provider other than Leeds City Council, you can transfer to us. By fostering with us you ensure that all of our financial resources go directly into supporting Leeds children, this is why our ambition is to place all Leeds foster children with Leeds City Council foster carers.

You do not need to inform your fostering provider that you have approached us for an initial discussion around transferring. There is nothing wrong with gaining as much information as possible before making a firm decision. Leeds guarantees the payment you are receiving from your Fostering Provider for any children and young people you ‘bring back’ to the authority, you’ll have no drop in fostering income.

From 2013 to present day we have had 60 approved foster families transfer to Leeds City Council from Independent Fostering Agencies (IFA’s).

Foster carers are more likely to have children placed with them with the local authority. Local authority carers have an average vacancy rate of 22% compared with an Independent Fostering Agency of 39%.

We wouldn't normally progress an application from foster carers who are currently caring for children and young people who are the legal responsibility of another local authority unless they are moving on (e.g. adoption, long term care or return to birth family).

If you are interested in transferring to Leeds, please email our Fostering Advisor: or call Harriet on: 0113 378 3538​. Please leave a contact telephone number if you get the answer phone.​​