Foster 4 Leeds

3 smiling children 

Ever thought about fostering?

“It’s the best thing we’ve ever done.”

Not our words, but those of Andy when talking about his family’s experiences of fostering for Leeds.

Take the time to listen to Andy in this radio advertisement – and with others too in our online video – and you will see the passion Leeds carers have for fostering. We hope you’ll not only share these messages, but consider becoming a Leeds City Council foster carer yourself.

Andy knows that, despite having our fair share of inspirational carers, Leeds needs many more people to take the plunge into foster caring – particularly in helping teenagers and disabled children.

Could you do it?

We think it highly likely. Most people are eligible to be foster carers. Many don’t know this, nor the variety of flexible ways you can get involved. You’ll also be in good hands: Leeds is the biggest and best foster care provider in the North. That means you’re never alone – for every step of the way, skilled help is close-by. As well as our regularly updates on the media hub and YouTube playlist – you’ll find lots of guidance and stories to, hopefully, email us or pick up the phone and call us on 0113 378 3538.

However, while recruitment of foster carers to Leeds City Council is obviously important to us, it’s also important to us that we also provide lots of information for those who have already been approved as carers. You can also find information on this site on kinship care and private fostering​.​

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