Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas
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Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas

The management of protected trees is administered by the Landscape Team. This is a multi-disciplinary group within Planning and Sustainable Development comprising of Landscape Architects, Nature Conservation and Tree Officers.

Protected Trees include:
Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas
[Note other protection can include: planning conditions; Forestry Act /Forestry Commission (felling licenses); legal restricted covenants]

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) - The law
The power for local planning authorities to protect trees and woodlands in the interests of amenity by making TPOs is in the Town and Country Planning Act 1947.

A TPO prevents the felling, lopping, topping, uprooting or otherwise willful damaging of trees without the permission. The cutting of roots is damaging and also requires permission. If you remove/work on trees without permission you risk prosecution.

The latest Tree Preservation Orders to be served are available from the Documents part of this page.

Conservation areas - The law
Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historical interest designated by Local Authorities. The legislation was introduced nationally in 1965 and contains special measures to protect trees including the protection of all trees over a threshold size. If you work on/remove trees without permission you risk prosecution.

Applying for work to protected trees (TPO & Conservation Areas)
Applicants are advised to seek professional guidance prior to submission of an application. You must complete the application form. The guidance note will help you. Please refer to the validation criteria on the expandable Downloads section on this page. You can also apply online. You must give 6 weeks notice for any tree works.
Please note that these applications will be on the internet on Public Access
How can I find out if a tree is covered by an order?

To find out whether a tree is covered by a TPO and/or work is authorised on that tree please email Landscape Planning us using the form in the Contact us section of the page. For information, Landscape Planning's email address is 

Alternatively you can call us on 0113 378 6012.​​

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