Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)
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Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

A new SHMA is needed in 2017 to support preparation of the Core Strategy Review. It will replace the current SHMA published in 2011.

The SHMA 2017 will provide evidence of housing need in Leeds up to 2033. It comprises the following strands of work:

  • The quantity of new dwellings needed in Leeds overall. This is calculated according to national planning policy and guidance; it is known as the Objectively Assessed Need
  • The amount of affordable housing that is needed, including housing of different sizes, types and levels of affordability
  • The sizes and types of housing needed in different geographical housing market areas of Leeds, including housing needed by particular population groups (eg old people)

Specialist consultancies, Arc4 and Edge Analytics have been commissioned by Leeds City Council to undertake the SHMA, which should be completed by July 2017.

Household Survey

The Household Survey during May 2017 will provide detailed information to understand the real housing needs and aspirations of Leeds people. The postal survey will be mailed out to 28,000 households in Leeds and will also be available on-line at It will enable housing need to be calculated for different geographical areas, different age groups, different household types and different types of housing. It will also help verify the local validity of information from other sources including national statistics.


Previous SHMAs

The City Council commissioned SHMAs which were published in 2007 and 2011. Relevant documents are available below


National Planning Practice Guidance

Housing White Paper

Leeds Household Survey (May 2017)

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