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Spending over £500

We are committed to being open and transparent about what we spend.

Each month, we publish a list of all payments we make which are over £500 (including VAT), providing details on supplier name, amount paid, a description of what was purchased and the service making the purchase.

What do we include

  • spend on premises, transport and supplies and services;
  • payments to contractors who do work on our behalf; and
  • other spend we incur in carrying out our business.

What don't we publish

Some areas of spend are covered by the Data Protection Act and are not published in full.  This includes:

  • personal information, e.g. individual payments for adoption and fostering, care related payments, refunds and compensation payments;
  • commercially sensitive data; and
  • payments to staff

For these entries, the supplier will show as "Redacted Personal Data" or "Redacted Commercial Confidentiality".

Data Format

We are currently publishing the data in three formats, as directed by the Government.  These are PDF, CSV and XML.  

You can see the data and learn more about our free, open access to information on our Opendata site available.  Just click on the link in External links section.