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Site Allocations Plan

The Site Allocations Plan will allocate sites that will help to deliver the Leeds Core Strategy long term spatial vision, objectives and policies. This is to ensure that sufficient land is available in appropriate locations to meet the targets set out in the Core Strategy. It is a key Local Development Framework (LDF) document in identifying specific allocations for development to 2028. It is intended that the Site Allocations Plan should 'follow on' from the adoption of the Core Strategy, but begin early work in parallel.

In May 2012, Executive Board approved the scope/content of the plan. It will cover housing, employment, retail and green space allocations for the whole of the authority area, except for the area within the Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan.

The indicative timetable is:
Issues and Options Consultation  - Summer 2013
Publication Draft Consultation      - Late 2014
Submission to Secretary of State - Early 2015
Plan Adoption                             - Late 2015

This timetable may change as it is dependent on the Core Strategy getting through examination in October 2013, and adoption early 2014. The Site Allocations Plan cannot go to Publication Draft stage until we know the position with the Core Strategy as the Site Allocations Plan has to be in general conformity with the Core Strategy. Confirmation from the Core Strategy inspector on the overall housing target,  distribution across the district, the position on windfall development and phasing will be particularly important. 

Public Consultation:
Public consultation on the Site Allocations Plan Issues and Options was agreed at the meeting of the Executive Board on the 9 May 2013.  The consultation ran from Monday 3 June and closed at 5pm on Monday 29 July 2013.  To access the consultation material go the Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options page, available under Related Pages below.

What is the Leeds Site Allocations Plan?

​The Leeds Site Allocations Plan will identify or ‘allocate’ areas of land within the Leeds district for specific types of development, such as housing, employment, retail and green space up to 2028. It will be part of Leeds Local Development Framework (LDF), which is a collection of planning documents produced by the council to guide development in Leeds.

The main LDF document to be produced is the Leeds Core Strategy. This identifies the strategic locations that are to receive development allocations, along with the scale of growth that each area will need to accommodate. The site allocations plan has to be in general conformity with the core strategy.

The inclusion of a site in the final adopted version of the Leeds Site Allocations Plan will mean that the council accept the principle of development that is in accordance with the requirements of the site allocations plan, core strategy and other effective planning policies.

Site Allocations Decelopment Plan Document

Can I comment on the Leeds Core Strategy housing numbers and other core strategy policies?

No. The core strategy is at a more advanced stage. The web page for the core strategy contains information on its current stage of production. The examination into the core strategy began in October 2013. The examination is held in a public forum.

What is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)?

​The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a list of possible sites for future housing development. The undeveloped sites included in the SHLAA will be considered through the site allocations process. The pool of sites in the SHLAA can be submitted by anyone. They do not have to own or have an interest in the land to submit a site.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

How do I put forward a site to be considered for the Site Allocations Plan?

If you wish the council to consider a site, or sites, within the district to be allocated for development, you can submit details by responding to the public consultation.

How will potential development sites be assessed?

Sites will be assessed against a range of criteria that will include: location, likelihood of delivery; benefit to local communities and to the district; impact on existing infrastructure and landscape; impact on the Green Belt; scoring against Sustainability Appraisal objectives; and consistency with national policy and the Leeds Core Strategy.

Will every site put forward be allocated for development?

No. Not every suggested site will be needed to meet the district’s development needs. Only the most appropriate sites when assessed against a range of criteria will be seriously considered as part of the Site Allocations Plan consultation process.

How will existing infrastructure and services cope, and what new infrastructure and services will be implemented?

All new development, housing in particular, will contribute to the delivery of appropriate infrastructure either directly or through a financial contribution. The council is already working closely with the relevant agencies to ensure the necessary infrastructure requirements of specific sites can be understood. Initial work is set out in the council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Infrastructure Delivery Plan April 2013

Why is the land next to my house identified for assessment?

The assessed sites have been drawn from the pool of SHLAA sites.  See what is the SHLAA question for a full explanation.

Why are some sites split?

​Some sites have been split as a result of the site assessments. It could be that part of a submitted site has more potential for development.

Why do some sites have an unusual or irregular boundary and ignore existing field boundaries?

As part of the site assessment exercise, the council have conducted an accessibility evaluation of a site’s proximity to services and facilities (eg. schools, frequent bus routes, shopping, health care).  This has identified land with the optimum access to these services and facilities and can mean boundaries appear unusually contrived.

What is the timetable for the Site Allocations Plan?

The timetable is determined to a large extent by the progress of the core strategy.

The indicative timetable is:

Issues and Options Consultation - Summer 2013
Publication Draft Consultation - Late 2014
Submission to Secretary of State - Early 2015
Plan Adoption - Late 2015

The council will update the web site to advise of revisions to this timetable.

Will there be opportunities for future public involvement?

Yes. In addition to the Issues & Options consultation, there will be at least one other formal public consultation period before the Site Allocations document is submitted to the Government for public examination.