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Site Allocations Plan

What is the Site Allocations Plan?

The Site Allocations Plan will identify sites to ensure that sufficient land is available in appropriate locations to meet the growth targets set out in the Core Strategy. The Plan is a key document in the Local Plan (or Local Development Framework) for Leeds in identifying specific allocations for housing, employment, retail and greenspace from 2012 to 2028

The Plan has been through various stage of production and public consultation, outlined below are key stages.  

Examination of the Plan

The examination programme and latest updates can be viewed on the Examination page. 

Revised Submission Draft Plan

Representations are invited on the Revised Submission Draft Plan for a period of six weeks beginning on 15th January 2018 until 26th February 2018. Representations should be made no later than 5pm on the 26th February 2018.

Submission Draft Plan

The Submission Draft Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State by the City Council on 5th May 2017.  

Pre-Submission Changes Advertisement

The Council were seeking comments on the Site Allocation Plan Pre-Submission Changes.  The Pre-Submission Changes were advertised for a 6 week period between 13th February and 27th March 2017 (5pm).

Outer North East Publication Draft Consultation
Following the withdrawal of new settlement proposal at site MX2-33 Headley Hall by the landowner in September 2015, the City Council is now consulting on the revised proposals for the Outer North East Housing Market Characteristic Area (HMCA). Only the Outer North East HMCA was subject to consultation (September 2016) to bring this part of the plan in line with rest of the Site Allocations Plan. Consultation material can be viewed here Outer North East Publication Draft Consultation.

Publication Draft Consultation

The Site Allocations Plan Publication Draft was subject to formal public consultation for 8 weeks from 22 September until 16 November 2015.

Issues and Options Consultation 
- Public consultation on the Issues and Options took place from June to July 2013.
- Received over 7,000 representations (objections or support for sites) in the consultation.
- A report on the public consultation was presented to Development Plan Panel in December 2013.
To access the  Site Allocations Plan - Issues and Options consultation material see the related pages section.
Pre-Submission consultation for the whole plan – February - March 2017
Submission to the Secretary of State – Summer 2017
Examination in Public

Stage 1 Hearing session October 2017

Stage 2 Heasring session July 2018
After Examination, the Inspector may suggest further modifications. If so, these will need to be consulted on for a further minimum 6 weeks.
Await the Inspector’s Report
Plan Adoption – Spring 2019

Click to expandCan I comment on the Leeds Core Strategy housing numbers and other core strategy policies?

​No. The Housing numbers are set out in the Core Strategy which was adopted in November 2014. 

Adopted Core Strategy

Click to expandWhat is the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)?

​The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a list of possible sites for future housing development. The undeveloped sites included in the SHLAA will be considered through the site allocations process. The pool of sites in the SHLAA can be submitted by anyone. They do not have to own or have an interest in the land to submit a site.

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Click to expandHow do I put forward a site to be considered for the Site Allocations Plan?

If you wish the council to consider a site, or sites, within the district to be allocated for development, you can submit details by responding to the public consultation.

Click to expandHow will potential development sites be assessed?

Sites will be assessed against a range of criteria that will include: location, likelihood of delivery; benefit to local communities and to the district; impact on existing infrastructure and landscape; impact on the Green Belt; scoring against Sustainability Appraisal objectives; and consistency with national policy and the Leeds Core Strategy.

Click to expandWill every site put forward be allocated for development?

No. Not every suggested site will be needed to meet the district’s development needs. Only the most appropriate sites when assessed against a range of criteria will be seriously considered as part of the Site Allocations Plan consultation process.

Click to expandHow will existing infrastructure and services cope, and what new infrastructure and services will be implemented?

​All new development, housing in particular, will contribute to the delivery of appropriate infrastructure either directly or through a financial contribution. The council is already working closely with the relevant agencies to ensure the necessary infrastructure requirements of specific sites can be understood. Initial work is set out in the council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Infrastructure Background Paper May 2017

Click to expandWhy do some sites have an unusual or irregular boundary and ignore existing field boundaries?

As part of the site assessment exercise, the council have conducted an accessibility evaluation of a site’s proximity to services and facilities (eg. schools, frequent bus routes, shopping, health care).  This has identified land with the optimum access to these services and facilities and can mean boundaries appear unusually contrived.

Click to expandWill there be opportunities for future public involvement?

Yes, to the Proposed Modifications of the Plan, following changes the appointed Inspector may make following hearing session in autumn 2017.
Previous public consultations to the Plan were undertaken in September 2015, September 2016, and a further round to comment in 13th February.​

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