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Schedule of saved and deleted Unitary Development Plan policies

Following the introduction of the Planning & Compensation Act 2004, existing Unitary Development Plan (UDP) policies were automatically saved for three years from either the date of the commencement of the Act or from the date of adoption of the plan. For the Leeds UDP this meant the 2001 policies were automatically saved until 27 September 2007 (i.e. those policies from the 2001 Adopted UDP which were not altered in the 2006 UDP Review) and the 2006 policies until 19 July 2009 (i.e. those policies introduced or existing policies which had been amended in the 2006 Review).

The Secretary of State has the power to extend these policies beyond the three-year period and on 17 September 2007 and in June 2009 the Secretary of State issued separate Directions* listing ‘saved’ policies to which the three year period should not apply. These policies will therefore continue until they are replaced by new policies in an adopted Development Plan Document as part of the Local Development Framework.

The Secretary of State has also issued two Directions regarding a number of UDP Policies not ‘saved’ expired on either 27 September 2007 or 19 July 2009.

The schedules of ‘deleted’ and ‘saved’ policies (in 2006 Review plan order) are available via the documents area on the left of this page. Please click on 'documents' heading for the menu to expand.

* Directions made under Paragraph 1(3) of Schedule 8 to the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.