Hedgerow Regulations (non domestic)
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Hedgerow Regulations (non domestic)

The Hedgerow Regulations are administered by the Landscape Team.

The Regulations:
The Hedgerows Regulations (1997) give protection to important hedgerows in England and Wales. Anyone proposing to remove a hedgerow, or part of a hedgerow, which is covered by the Regulations, must first notify the Local Planning Authority by submitting a Hedgerow Removal Notice.  The guidance note will help you complete this.  Please refer to the validation criteria in the Downloads.
Removal of a hedgerow is defined as uprooting or otherwise destroying a hedgerow (not hedgerow management such as coppicing or hedge laying).

The Regulations DO NOT apply to any hedgerow within the curtilage of, or marking a boundary of the curtilage of a dwelling house – or hedgerows removed as part of permitted development.

Be aware also:
If you remove a hedgerow during the bird nesting season (generally March to September) you may be committing an offence under the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981 as amended).

For more information see the “Guidance on the procedures in Leeds” in the Downloads.

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