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Increase in planning application fees from 17 January 2018

Most planning applications require a fee to be paid and the Government has announced its intention to increase planning fees by 20%.

Please follow this link for more information

Planning enforcement

We have some powers which we can use if planning rules have been broken to put things right.  The following are some examples of a 'breach' of planning:-
• Development without permission or built differently to the approved plans
• Work (other than like for like repairs) to a listed building without consent
• work to protected trees without consent
• display an advertisement without consent
Some developments do not need planning permission because of their size, height and so on.  This type of development is called permitted development, see Related page for more information.

We will investigate whether a 'breach' has happened, what harm, if any, has been caused and what action we may need to take.  The process and timescales we follow are available in the leaflet from the Documents section of this page.

We take breaches of planning very seriously and most of our complaints come from neighbours or Councillors, as well as from officers as part of their routine checks of new developments.

Enforcement complaints should be made using the online form.  We do not accept anonymous complaints but your details are kept confidential. 

Register of Notices
This register contains details of notices that have been authorised and/or served and is updated weekly, available from the Documents section of this page. 

You need to carry out a local land charge search if you want this information to buy a property.  (Council's Land Charges Section).  No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in this register and using this information is at your own risk.  We reserve the right to remove or not display certain notices for confidentiality or other reasons.



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