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Permitted development - do I need planning permission

Some types of development do not need planning permission. This is called 'permitted development'.  
Please note: from 31 July 2014 the fee for prior notifications Class MB change of use from agricultural building to dwelling with building work and Class IA change of use from A1 and A2 to dwelling with building work is increased from £80 to £172.

From 6 April 2014 permitted development rights include allowing the change from A1 and A2 to dwellings, agricultural uses to schools, nurseries or dwellings and from a shop to a building society or bank. For full details please refer to the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment and Consequential Provisions) (England) Order 2014.  You will need to formally apply to us submitting the relevant information.
The rules can change so you should check what the latest position is before you begin to build.  
There is a fee of £172 where they include building work (Class MB or IA) or £80 for all other prior approval applications.

Forms available:-
- Prior Approval form for changes of use for Class J from offices to dwellings, Class K state funded schools/registered nursery and Class M flexible uses in agricultural buildings. Class MA agricultural building to state funded school/registered nursey, Class MB agricultural building to dwelling, Class IA Class A1 and A2 to dwelling. 

- Prior Notification for change of use Class D (A1-5, B1, D1 & 2 to A1-3 and B1) and Class M (agricultural under 150 sq m) to flexible use. Class CA from A1 to bank, building society, credit union or friendly society.

- Completion Notification for Class A developments are available from the Documents part of the page.

A form is available to apply for a larger single storey rear extension with a guidance note to complete the form.
Information on the Householder Prior Approval process is available from the Documents part of the page.

Interactive guides on permitted development are available on External links

If you want us to tell you whether you need permission we offer this service for a fee.  Please complete the form on the Documents part of the page and pay your fee. We will check this and send you a letter within 10 working days telling you whether you need permission or not.

However, if you want a formal planning decision you can apply for a Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development including for Proposed Works to a Listed Building.
Even if you do not need planning permission you may still need Building Regulations consent, please check from the Related Pages

Local Development Orders in the Aire Valley area

These Orders effectively extend permitted development rights for certain types of developments in this area - refer to the Related Page for more information and the forms.

Can I apply to change the use of offices to student accommodation under the new prior approval rules?

No, these are not classed as C3 dwellings and would need full planning permission.

I already have a 2 storey rear extension, can I extend this to 6m under the new rules?

No, the new rules only apply where the extension is single storey up to 4m high.

I have an existing single storey rear extension, can I extend this to 6m under the new rules?

Yes, you can apply to extend upto 6m for an attached property or 8m for a detached property providing it is under 4m high.

Can I extend beyond the existing side wall of my property under the new rules?

No, the extension cannot extend beyond the original side wall of the property or attach to an existing side extension (wrap-round).