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Performance information

In order to fulfil our ambition for Leeds to be the best city and Leeds City Council to be the best council in the UK it is essential that we effectively measure our performance against the outcomes, objectives and priorities set out in the City Priority Plan 2011-15 (CPP) and Best Council Plan 2013-17 (BCP).  This allows us to prioritise areas that may need more attention and resources and also highlights where we’re improving and doing well.   
  • The priorities within the CPP are managed through different partnership boards, supported by performance management staff within the council or relevant organisation.
  • Progress against the implementation of the BCP is reported on a regular basis through the ‘Best Council Plan Scorecard’ which includes the key performance indicators across the city and the council that we track and report on regularly.  The latest version of the scorecard can be downloaded from this page.  We’ll publish this scorecard data each quarter, backed up by a full report each year that explains the performance in more detail.  Additional performance reports on specific objectives or priorities are published throughout the year through Scrutiny Board and partnership board papers.   
The performance management of our strategic plans is part of a wider set of available information about Leeds.  More information, including historical performance information, is available through the Leeds Observatory which is a web-based tool that is a focal point for information and data about communities and geographies in Leeds.  A link can be found on this page.