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Party Wall Act 1996

In addition to needing planning permission and building regulations approval, The Party Wall Act 1996 also applies to anyone carrying out:

  • work on an existing wall or building shared with another property.
  • building on the boundary with a neighbouring property.
  • excavating within 3 or 6 metres of a neighbouring building or structure depending on the depth of the hole or proposed foundations

You must serve a statutory notice on all those defined by the Act as adjoining owners to get their agreement before you start work.  If your neighbour lives in a house owned by Leeds City Council, then you must also send a copy of the notice to the area surveyor.  You can get their address by contacting the relevant office for your area. 

0800 915 6660 or 0113 398 4710 (formerly Aire Valley homes)
0800 915 1600 or 0113 398 4711 (formerly East North East homes)
0800 915 1113 or 0113 398 4708 (formerly West North West homes)

The Act provides a framework for preventing and resolving disputes in relation to party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings.