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Parish and Town Councils

Parish and Town Councils are the first tier of local government and are the closest to the community they serve. They play an important role in maintaining and improving local services and facilities, supporting local voluntary organisations and activities and influencing and lobbying on local development.

Funds needed to support their activities are raised by adding an extra cost known as a precept to each householder’s council tax bill.

Local Councils are represented nationally by a National Association of Local Councils which has a network of county branches. The Yorkshire Local Councils Association is the local branch for Parish and Town Councils in Leeds.

Parish and Town Councils in the Leeds area

There are 32 Parish and Town Councils in Leeds. You can view the full list of Parish and Town Councils on our website. There are further details available about each Parish and Town Council including its membership, the name and contact details of the Parish Clerk, and a link to their website (if they have one).

We also publish the register of interests for each Parish and Town Council in Leeds. You can view the register entry for each Parish or Town Councillor by clicking on their name.

Parish and Town Council Charter

Leeds City Council and the Parish and Town Councils in the Leeds area share the common belief that working closely together plays a vital contribution to the well being of the communities they serve. We have agreed a Charter which sets our how we will work together for the benefit of local people. A copy of this Charter can be found in the Documents section of this page.

Use the Related Pages to access information on Parish Council vacancies and elections.​​​

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