Neighbourhoods for living
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Neighbourhoods for living

Neighbourhoods for Living provides the Leeds dimension for national urban design guidance on residential development. It comprises:

  • Overview/introduction which provides an Outline, Key Aspects, Planning Submission Requirements and Policy Context
  • Themes/Topics – Use, Movement, Space and Form into which topics are placed each with their own Key Objective and Principles
  • Bringing it all Together/Conclusion which explains the Design Process and includes case studies

The full version of the document is available free to download from this page, as are separate versions of the three main sections of the document.  Hard copies of Neighbourhoods for Living can be purchased for £10 at the City Development reception at The Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds LS2 8HD or by sending a cheque for
£12 (includes postage and packaging) made payable to Leeds City Council. ​​

Click to expandWhy has this guide been produced?

​Neighbourhoods for Living was originally produced to supplement national design guidance and to provide support for the Leeds Unitary Development Plan. The guide specifically provides further clarity for developers and designers in Leeds regarding:

  • The themes and principles of residential design;
  • The character and essence of Leeds;
  • Submission requirements and analysis based process.

Click to expandWho is the guide for?

​Neighbourhoods for Living should provide the starting point for anyone involved with new development in Leeds at any scale, and is of value to a variety of groups:

  • Developers;
  • Design teams;
  • Local amenity societies and community groups;
  • Businesses;
  • Politicians and other representatives of the community;
  • General public;
  • Students.

Click to expandHow is the guide used?

Neighbourhoods for Living can be used in a variety of ways (ranging from strategic to detailed) to provide:

  • A background to residential-based character analysis;
  • Key principles required for general good practice in housing design;
  • Examples of good practice in drawings and mapping to initiate proposals for a site;
  • Clear submission requirements for planning applications.

Structurally, the guide provides a basis to explore:
  • Issues - starting with a particular topic, then using cross references to enable  an holistic approach to design issues to emerge;
  • Process – the section entitled ‘Bringing it all Together’ provides an approach to the processes of design with case studies. The ‘Outline’ at te start of the document indicates the type of information/drawings required to submit a planning application.

Click to expandWhat is the status of this document?

Neighbourhoods for Living was adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance by Leeds City Council to complement the Unitary Development Plan – 9th December 2003. It is now in its second printing and is also available to download from the internet.

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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