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Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document - examination page

Examination in public

An independent inspector was appointed by the Secretary of State to hold an examination in public into the Leeds Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document (NRW DPD). Leading up to the examination, a program officer was appointed to work directly to the inspector and independently of the Council.  A list of Issues and Questions was published along with a programme for the hearing sessions.  Furthermore an exploratory meeting was held on 5 October 2011 to clarify the Council’s intentions of setting targets for the apportionment of aggregates.  A deadline was set of 31 October 2011 for further statements to address the Issues for examination at the hearing.

The hearing began on 15 November 2011 and ran for three days.  There was not a Pre-Hearing meeting.  A round-up session was held on 7 December to discuss matters of examination raised during the November hearing.  Documents ED14 – ED16 relate to this session. 

The Council has published Post Submission Changes and Addendum to the Natural Resources and Waste DPD Sustainability Appraisal that considers the Post Submission Changes.  The changes are available for comment from Thursday 24th May until Thursday 5th July 2012 (5pm).  This has now closed.

Following consultation on post submission changes (24th May – 5th July) and compliance of the NRWDPD with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the City Council is proposing the following modifications for consideration by the Inspector, Mr Middleton. The covering letter to Mr Middleton, analysis of responses and consolidated schedule of changes are available as Downloads on the Related pages for Examination docs.

Consultation on the National Planning Policy Framework 

The Government has recently published the National Planning Policy Framework ('the Framework') (NPPF) as well as Planning Policy for Traveller Sites.  Planning Policy Statement 10: Planning for Sustainable Waste Management and its Companion Guide underpin a large part of the Waste Strategy and have not been superseded by the NPPF.
Nevertheless some aspects of the NRW DPD may be affected by the newly published NPPF and there might be a need to review these aspects.  Representations on the matters raised in the Framework document and Planning Policy for Traveller Sites as far as they relate to the Leeds Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document examination, had to be made by  8 June 2012.  This has now closed.

On the Natural Resources and Waste Examination Pages doc on Related Pages are all documents relating to the Examination Process, including the documents found within the Examination Library.