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Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document - submission

On the 25 July 2011 the Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document (NRWDPD) was submitted to the Secretary of State.

The NRWDPD is part of the Local Development Framework. The plan:

  •  sets out where land is needed to enable us to manage resources - like minerals, energy, waste and water - over the next 15 years;
  •  identifies specific actions which will help us use our natural resources in a more efficient way.

The Secretary of State appointed Mr Melvyn Middleton, an independent Inspector, to examine the NRWDPD for soundness under section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The three tests of soundness are:

  •  Justified
  • Effective
  • Consistent with national policy

  • Natural Resources and Waste Publication document and other documents can be found on the Related Page Natural Resources and Waste Submission Pages docs.

    More information about soundness can be found in the guidance from the Planning Inspectorate entitled Local Development Frameworks, Development Plan Documents: Soundness Guidance, available from the Planning Inspectorate.