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Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document - submission

    On the 25 July 2011 the Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document (NRWDPD) was submitted to the Secretary of State. An Independent Inspector held  hearing sessions on 15 November 2011 and ran for three days, with a round-up session on 7 December 2011. 

    The Natural Resources and Waste Local Plan was adopted by Leeds City Council on 16th January 2013​. Following a high court challenge, policies Minerals 13 and 14 are to be re-examined and cannot be regarded as adopted policies. 

    Policies Minerals 13 and 14 have been resubmitted to the Planning​ Inspectorate on  16th February 2015 for re-examination. The Policy documents can be view on 

    Policies Minerals 13 and 14​ Submission Page

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