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Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme serves two key roles:-
It provides a starting point for the local community to find out what Leeds City Council's planning policies are for the district and sets out the current documents which form the Development Plan.

It also sets out a detailed programme for the preparation of Local Development Documents over a three year period, including timetables, which tell people when the various stages in the preparation of the Local Development Documents will be carried out.  The current Local Development Scheme 2010 is awaiting approval of the Secretary of State. 
Development Plan Documents - provisional timetable (updated September 2011).

Core Strategy

Publication: Feb 2012             Submission: May 2013         Adoption: November 2014
Aire Valley Leeds AAP
Published: April 2012              Submission: March 2014      Adoption: March 2015
Site Allocations
Publication: Summer/Autumn 2015   Submission: Date to be confirmed      

Adoption: Date to be confirmed

Earlier consultations:
Natural Resources and Waste DPD: Adopted January 2013
Affordable Housing: adopted June 2011
Aire Valley Area Action Plan: closed March 2011.
City centre car parking: interim policy 2011
City Centre Public Realm Contributions: closed 2006.
Core Strategy - Publication draft (LDF): closed April 2012
Core Strategy - Examination in Public: July - October 2013

Householder design guide: closed November 2011, adopted April 2012
New Farnley Village Design Statement: closed October 2011
Oulton and Woodlesford Design Statement: closed October 2011
Travel Plans: closed September 2011
West Leeds Gateway SPD: adoption October 2010.
Statement of Community Involvement : adopted in 2007.

Withdrawn Development Plan Documents
EASEL Area Action Plan, City Centre Area Action Plan and West Leeds Gateway Area Action Plan (Adopted SPD)

Annual progress against the Local Development Scheme programme is summarised in the LDF Annual Monitoring Reports