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Letting Boards

A new version of the Letting Board Code has now been adopted from the 3rd January 2013 following public consultation (available from Downloads below).  This is a set of rules which determine how and where letting boards can be displayed on residential properties in the Area of Special Advertisement Control.  Letting boards displayed in compliance with the Code will not be subject to enforcement action by the Council.

The Area of Special Advertisement Control (also known as a Regulation 7 Direction) is in operation in parts of Headingley and Hyde Park and Woodhouse wards.  The current Area of Special Advertisement Control has been in effect since 1st February 2010.  It was introduced because the large number of letting boards was having a harmful impact on the character and visual appearance of the area.  Within this area letting boards need consent (usually they do not need it).

The Council recognises that it would be unreasonable to require property owners to apply for advertisement consent for every new letting board in the area and have therefore produced the Letting Board Code.
The Planning Enforcement team conduct regular surveys of the Area of Special Advertisement Control and will seek to take enforcement action against property owners who display boards which are not in compliance with the Code.  The Code is also in operation, on a voluntary basis, within the Area of Housing Mix as designated by Policy H15 of the Leeds Unitary Development Plan (Review) 2006.

Copies of the following documents can be found under the ‘Downloads’ tab at the bottom of this page:
• Map of the Area of Special Advertisement Control
• Map of the Area of Housing Mix
• The Letting Board Code
• A Map Book showing the longer street designated blocks
• Revisions to the Letting Board Code and Public Consultation – Delegated decision report (30th November 2012)​