Leeds City Council Election
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Leeds City Council Election

There are no plans to hold a local election this year. The next planned election will be in 2018.

The results of the Leeds City Council election held on 5 May 2016 are available to view on the council's Data Mill​

Guidance and resources can be found on the Electoral Commission and Data Mill North websites.

Information on candidates:

During the run up to an election we are bound by guidelines meaning we are not allowed to put any information on our website which could be seen as advantageous to any candidate. This means that we can’t use this website to inform you about the policies of particular candidates or parties. 

It is the responsibility of candidates and parties to provide information to the electorate and doing this is at their discretion. If you have not received any information, you can find out who the candidates are for your area by checking the statement of persons nominated. This will then enable you do your own research using another site or search engine.


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