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City Centre Evacuation Plan

The Leeds City Centre Evacuation plan coordinates the actions of emergency responders involved in a major incident or evacuation affecting Leeds city centre.

The plan splits the city centre into nineteen named and numbered zones which will be used in the event of an incident to identify and manage zones requiring an evacuation or alternative actions.   

The plan covers more than evacuation alone.  Several elements of the plan are used to communicate advice regarding severe weather, demonstrations and disruption using tools such as Leeds Alert, Twitter and media contacts.

To assist city centre businesses and residents in the response to a major incident, Leeds City Council have produced the following: 

+  Planning for Emergencies -  The Planning for Emergencies guidance booklet (described as the Planning4Emergencies-booklet, in the Documents section) offers advice to businesses on how to plan and prepare for emergencies, how to deal with an incident, and how to get things back to normal following the incident.  Businesses and city centre residents are encouraged to use the booklet to help them prepare contingency plans for emergencies and disruption.

+  Planning for Emergencies: Our Plan Templates – (described as the Planning4Emergs-OurPlanTplate document in the Documents section). This booklet contains useful plan templates into which businesses and residents can input their own information, and use them as a basis for creating their own plans.

+  City Centre Evacuation Zone Map – Detailing the nineteen city centre evacuation zones.  These zones help ensure a controlled response can be implemented and aid in communicating areas affected by disruption or emergencies.  
These documents are available to download via the Documents section. You can also call into the Civic Hall in Leeds and collect these in hardcopy by asking at Reception.  


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