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Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the name for the collection of documents that together make up the overall Local Plan for Leeds.

Current Consultation

Representations are invited on the Revised Submission Draft Plan for a period of six weeks beginning on 15th January 2018 until 26th February 2018. Representations should be made no later than 5pm on the 26th February 2018.

Local Plan Newsletter

The Local Plan Newsletter is for you to be kept informed about the progress on the Local Plan and other policy documents.

The following documents make up the Local Plan:

 • Leeds Core Strategy  – Adopted on 12th November 2014.  The plan Sets out the strategic Planning policy framework for the district to 2028.

 • Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review -  the scope of the selective review was agreed by Executive Board (February 2017) this now includes the Housing Standards Development Plan Document.  

    The Scope and Content consultation closed at 5:00pm on 31st July 2017.

• Natural Resources and Waste Local Plan –  Adopted January 2013 (the Minerals Transport section - September 2015). The Plan sets out management of minerals, energy, waste and water over the next 15 years. 

• Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan – Adopted on 8th November 2017. Provides the planning framework to guide the regeneration of the Lower Aire Valley. 

• Site Allocations Plan – in preparation and identifies land where new homes, employment and greenspaces are to be located. 
      Submission Draft Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 5th May 2017.
      Pre-Submission Changes consultation closed at 5pm 27th March 2017.
      Revised Publication Draft – Outer North East consultation closed at 5pm on 7th November 2016.
      Publication Draft consultation closed at 5pm on 16th November 2015.  
Unitary Development Plan - forms part of the statutory development plan for the whole of the Leeds district.

 • Policies Map for Leeds – formerly known as the Proposals Map this details the extent of relevant LDF policies within the District. 
• Community Infrastructure Levy – Adopted on 12 November 2014. Sets out levels of charging to be applied to different types of development in order to fund a variety of infrastructure provision.
• Neighbourhood Plans – in preparation and provide community level frameworks
    - Neighbourhood Planning Referendum Updates

• Authority Monitoring Report – reports on the progress of policy implementation on the ground 

• Statement of Community Involvement - specifies how stakeholders and communities are involved.

The Local Development Scheme sets out details on each of the Local Development Documents. 

There are also a range of Supplementary Planning Documents which, unlike the Development Plan Documents above, are not Examined by a Planning Inspector (see Related Pages) and a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents retained from the Unitary Development Plan.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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