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Local Development Framework

The Local Development Framework (LDF) is the name for the collection of documents that together make up the overall Local Plan for Leeds and comprises:

• Adopted Core Strategy  – Adopted on 12 November 2014.  Sets out the strategic Planning policy framework for the district to 2028.
• Site Allocations Development Plan – in preparation and identifies land where new homes, employment and greenspaces are to be located.  The document is currently at Issues and Options Stage.

• Adopted Natural Resources and Waste Local Plan – sets out management of minerals, energy, waste and water over the next 15 years. 
• Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan – in preparation and provides the future planning framework to guide the regeneration of the Lower Aire Valley.
Unitary Development Plan - forms part of the statutory development plan for the whole of the Leeds district.

• Policies Map for Leeds – formerly known as the Proposals Map this details the extent of relevant LDF policies within the District. 
• Community Infrastructure Levy – Adopted on 12 November 2014. Sets out levels of charging to be applied to different types of development in order to fund a variety of infrastructure provision.

• Neighbourhood Plans – in preparation and provide community level frameworks

• Authority Monitoring Report – reports on the progress of policy implementation on the ground 

• Statement of Community Involvement - specifies how stakeholders and communities are involved.

The Local Development Scheme sets out details on each of the Local Development Documents.  

There are also a range of Supplementary Planning Documents which, unlike the Development Plan Documents above, are not Examined by a Planning Inspector (see Related Pages below) and a number of Supplementary Planning Guidance documents retained from the Unitary Development Plan. 

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