Housing Standards Development Plan Document
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Housing Standards Development Plan Document

Housing Standards Development Plan Document has been combined with the Core Strategy Selective Review and will no longer be progressed separately. ​ 
In 2015 the Government published as part of the Housing Standards Review, nationally described space standards and introduced new accessibility standards for dwellings.  The Councils aspirations include growth and quality of housing and the Council has committed to prepare a Development Plan Document (DPD) which will allow the national standards to be applied to new housing development in Leeds.
Housing Standards Review
The National Housing Standards Review sets out optional standards in relation to minimum internal space requirements and accessible housing. National Planning Guidance is clear that these standards can only be progressed through the Local Plan process and require justification of need and viability before they can be adopted.
Previous Consultation
The early consultation was primarily about identifying the key issues facing Leeds and preparing evidence of need and viability for the Housing Standards DPD. This Plan seeks to introduce internal design standards for minimum size of dwellings and accessible housing. It is hoped that this initial consultation will encourage debate and identify further issues and options, view early consultation flyer.
The Plan was subject to formal public consultation for 6 weeks between 13th June 2016 until 28th July 2016

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