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Planning for Householders

If you want to make any alterations to your home, first check whether planning permission is needed (see External links and Related Pages). From 30 May 2013, new permitted development rights have been introduced for larger single storey rear extensions using a 'Prior Approval Process'. 

Form to apply for a larger single storey rear extension.
Guidance note to complete the form.

Information on how the process works and what you need to provide can be found on the Documents part of the page.

Please note: A recent High Court judgement has found that the advice in the DCLG “Permitted Development for Householders - Technical Guidance” document is incorrect in relation one of the conditions for permitted development roof extensions. The High Court has found that that the 20cm set back should be measured from the closest point of the projecting eaves, which is the intersection with the wall, rather than from the outer edge of the projecting eaves (as advised by the above DCLG Technical Guidance document).

Where to send planning applications
Please send your planning applications to Planning Services, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD

If you need planning permission, use the householder application form for extensions or building a garage. There is a fee of £172 (unless it is fee exempt). You can also use this form if you want to remove a condition that restricts the use of a garage if you are doing other work at the same time. However, a higher fee relating to the removal of condition will apply. (If you live in a flat you must use the full planning application form.)

There is a guidance note to help you fill in the form. Guidance on what you need to send with your application, the Householder Design Guide and other useful information is available from the Documents part of the page. We aim to make a decision in 8 weeks and more information about the process and planning appeals are available. Use Public Access to find out how your application is progressing (see Related Pages, Top Tasks or External links - Search for Planning Applications).

Householder Application Form
Householder Guidance Notes
Householder Notice if you do not own all the land
Make an application online

You may also need Building Regulations approval for any building work.

If you live in a listed building you will also need to apply for listed building consent. If you plan to do any work which affects a wall you share with your neighbour or is on the boundary of your shared properties or you will dig within 3 to 6 metres of your neighbours property, you will need to get agreement from your neighbours (Party Wall Act) - see Related Pages.

I have a restrictive condition on the use of my garage, how can I get this changed?

If you are doing other work on your property, complete the householder application form and pay £172 fee. If you are not doing other work, complete the Variation of Condition form and pay fee £195. Please contact us for advice before you submit an application.

What do I need to do to comply with the Party Wall Act?

The link to the Party Wall Act explanatory booklet will help you.

GOV.UK site link

I already have a 2 storey rear extension, can I extend this to 6m under the new rules?

No, the new rules only apply where the extension is single storey up to 4m high.

I have an existing single storey rear extension, can I extend this to 6m under the new rules?

Yes, you can apply to extend upto 6m for an attached property or 8m for a detached property providing it is under 4m high.

Can I extend beyond the existing side wall of my property under the new rules?

No, the extension cannot extend beyond the original side wall of the property or attach to an existing side extension (wrap-round).