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Flooding Awareness Campaign

During 2012, particularly over the last four months, hundreds of people across the country have been injured, left homeless, or lost possessions during a season of flooding that has at one point or another touched all parts of the country.

Floods like this are becoming a more common occurrence.

With one in six people now living in a building at flood risk, it is becoming more important for people to understand their own flood risk and how they can manage it.

As part of a national campaign, Leeds City Council and the Environment Agency are encouraging all members of the public to check their own flood risk and where appropriate to do such things as sign up to the Environment Agency Flood Warnings Direct service or to make a community flood plan.

With so many people not realising their level of flood risk, it really could be worth taking two minutes out of your day to check.   
If you do identify that you are at risk, please discuss this with your friends and neighbours.

Click on the link to the Environment Agency Flood Maps page and enter your postcode to find out whether your property is at risk.


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