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Equality improvement priorities

Our Equality Improvement Priorities 2011 to 2015 set out what we are going to do to continue to remove and reduce barriers that may prevent some people from fully participating in the social, cultural, political and economic life of the city.

This document sets out our approach to embedding equality and explains where we are focussing our attention and why we want to continue to make changes and improvements.  Our Improvement Priorities also outline how the council will meet its legal duties outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

Our approach builds on the previous equality scheme and retains many of its principles. Closer alignment with the Vision for Leeds, the City Priority Plan and the Council Business Plan has been built into the development of the approach.

This has resulted in a more integrated approach to equality in our strategic planning. The equality outcomes have been developed alongside the key priorities for the city as outlined in the City Priority Plan and action plan. This document is therefore part of the city’s revised planning framework and is integral to it.

Equality and Diversity Update 2013

On this page you will also find a copy of our Equality and Diversity update 2013.  This provides an update on how the we are progressing against our Equality Improvement Priorities. It supports our vision and city wide plans and provides an evidence base that will ensure that appropriate consideration takes place across the council and our strategic partnerships to address issues of inequality and poverty. In addition it also helps the council to meet our specific legal obligations outlined in the Equality Act 2010.

Equality and Diversity Policy

A copy of our Equality and Diversity Policy is available in the Documents section of this page.

Workforce Profile

A copy of our council Workforce Profile as of October 2014 is available in the Documents section of this page.​

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