East and South East Leeds Area Action Plan
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East and South East Leeds Area Action Plan

The EASEL area (East and South East Leeds) included the neighbourhoods of Burmantofts, Cross Green, East End Park, Gipton, Halton Moor, Harehills, Osmondthorpe, Richmond Hill and Seacroft.  Developing an Area Action Plan was the key focus of the Council’s major regeneration programme for the area. 

However, no further work is being progressed on the EASEL Area Action Plan (AAP) as it has been withdrawn. 

It was withdrawn mainly due to the recession, which reduced the ability of the private sector to build new houses.  However, much valuable work was done in drawing up the draft AAP, including community engagement, and the Council is still strongly committed to the area’s regeneration.  Ongoing work is therefore underway through development of neighbourhood planning, and a range of other Council schemes.  A wider area of East Leeds has been defined as a Regeneration Priority Area within the Core Strategy. 

The draft AAP was developed through a number of formal stages: 
 July 2005: Early Issues for Consultation
 June 2006: Alternative Options - Looking to the Future
 June 2007: Preferred Options  - The Future Emerges
 June 2009: Pre-Submission Consultation – EASEL Futures
 March 2010: Withdrawn

All the documents produced for each stage in the EASEL AAP can be viewed via the documents area on the left of this page. Please click on 'documents' heading for the menu to expand..

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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