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Council plans

Leeds City Council is responsible for the development and delivery of several plans and strategies, some of which are outlined below:

In July 2012, the Leeds City Council-led Commission on the Future of Local Government established a set of propositions based on one idea: civic enterprise.  This is about a new leadership style for local government whereby councils become more enterprising, businesses and other partners become more civic and citizens become more engaged. 

The Best Council Plan 2013-17 was developed in light of the Commission’s propositions and sets out our strategy for improving the quality of life for our residents, particularly those who are vulnerable or in poverty, for making it easier for people to do business with us and for achieving the savings and efficiencies required to continue to deliver frontline services.  These are the three outcomes we are working towards that will be delivered through six objectives. 

For each objective we have set out priorities for 2013-14 against which we will assess progress over the first year of delivery and also performance measures and targets for achievement by 2017.  The outcomes and objectives will be supported by a range of cross-cutting activity that will promote an enterprising organisational culture that has the needs of our community and anti-poverty at its heart.  Delivering the Best Council Plan will contribute to our wider Vision for Leeds 2011-2030: being fair, sustainable and inclusive.