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Best Council Plan

The Best Council Plan is our strategic planning document.  It sets out what the council, working in partnership, will do to deliver better outcomes across Leeds.  It informs our budget setting and financial strategies and is an essential tool for planning and delivering services.  It also helps our staff understand how the work they do makes a real difference to the people of Leeds and shows our partners how we contribute to citywide priorities.

The Best Council Plan has two parts: the first, ‘Best Council Plan 2015-20’, provides the context for the longer-term challenges and opportunities we face over this period while an annual update sets out the priorities for the council each year.  The annual update explains: 

  • Outcomes – the difference we want to make across the city
  • Priorities – what we will focus on to achieve these outcomes
  • Key performance indicators – how we will know if we are making a difference 

For 2016/17, we are introducing a set of related documents: 

  • Budget and the Best Council Plan – an overview of how the council’s budget supports the Best Council Plan with links to the more detailed Annual Financial Plan
  • Best Council Plan and Supporting Plans – an overview of the key council and partnership plans and strategies that contribute to the overarching Best Council Plan (currently in development)
  • Best Council Plan and the Breakthrough Projects – a more detailed look at the eight projects for 2016/17 that will help deliver the council’s priorities (currently in development)

In the Documents section on this page you can download the Best Council Plan 2015-20, the latest 2016/17 update approved by Full Council in February 2016 and the accompanying Council report. You can also download previous annual updates, year-end reports that look back on how we delivered the Best Council Plan, the Budget and Best Council Plan overview 2016/17 and will soon be able to download the other related documents.​

To view documents in PDF format you will require the free Download Adobe Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader

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