Core Strategy - Publication draft
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Core Strategy - Publication draft

The Core Strategy Publication Draft is the next step in adopting a plan which will set out the Council’s vision for the future development of Leeds over the next 15 years.  It addresses a wide range of environmental, social and economic considerations in order to address the challenges and opportunities which Leeds faces. The Core Strategy is shaped by a range of policies, including the Vision for Leeds (Community Strategy) and national guidance.

The Core Strategy Publication Draft has been developed following a series of past consultations and publications.  These have included Informal Consultation in 2006, publishing Issues and Alternative Options in 2007, the Preferred Approach in 2009 and informal consultation on housing growth in summer 2011.

The consultation of the Publication Draft focuses on the tests of soundness which include
 Justified;
 effective;
 consistent with national policy.

The test of soundness were expanded during the consultation period through the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework, and now include Positively Prepared.

The consultation closed on 12 April 2012.  The consultation responses have been reviewed and following this analysis presubmission changes have been approved by Executive Board and Full Council in November.  It has been agreed to invite representations to further changes from late December 2012. 

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