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Community Infrastructure Levy

The Last stage of consultation on Draft Charging Schedule closed on 10th December 2013.
The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new levy which the Council will charge on developers or landowners when they build new developments.
The money raised will help to pay for the infrastructure needed across Leeds as a result of growth such as schools, greenspace, flood defences, and transport improvements.
The CIL will be charged per square metre on most new buildings, based on their use and location.  Once adopted it will replace the current tariff based system of planning obligations (Section 106 Agreements). S106s will continue to cover on-site measures that are needed to make a specific development acceptable, such as access works, drainage management, and greenspace. Provision of affordable housing will also continue as previously.
Charges have to be based on viability. The Council has to ensure that there is an appropriate balance between the rates being high enough to help fund infrastructure,
and not harming the economic viability of development as a whole across Leeds.  In order to decide the rates for the CIL, the Council has produced an evidence base including an Economic Viability Study.
No decisions have yet been made as to the detailed arrangements of how and where the CIL funds are to be spent, and spending issues are a separate work stream to the CIL Charging Schedule and evidence base.
Draft Charging Schedule Consultation
Leeds City Council consulted from 29th October to 10th December 2013 on the ‘CIL Draft Charging Schedule’.  This provided the opportunity for residents and businesses to give feedback as to whether the CIL rates have been set at the right level. 
All the CIL documents are available in documents area on the left of the page. 
Reference copies were made available in all libraries and one-stop centres and the Development Enquiry Centre in the Leonardo Building (2 Rossington Street, LS2 8HD).
Consultation documents:
• Draft Charging Schedule (October 2013)
• Charging Zone Map (October 2013)
• Draft Regulation 123 List (October 2013)
• Further Justification Papers (October 2013)
• Leeds City Council Responses to Representations on the Preliminary Draft Charging
  Schedule (PDCS) (August 2013)
• Statement of the Representations Procedure
Any organisation or individual may request in their representation the right to be heard at the CIL Examination. ​ If you make a representation you can also request to be notified at a specified address of any of the following:
• That the Draft Charging Schedule has been submitted to the examiner in accordance with Section 212 of the Planning Act 2008.
• The publication of the recommendations of the examiner and the reason for these recommendations.
• The approval of the Charging Schedule by the Council.
Next Steps
It is anticipated the CIL will be Submitted for Examination in Spring 2014 with the examination being held in Summer. 
Depending on the adoption timetable for the Core Strategy, the intention is to adopt the Leeds CIL in late 2014.