City Centre Commuter Car Parking - Interim Policy 2011
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City Centre Commuter Car Parking - Interim Policy 2011

An interim policy for city centre commuter car parking on cleared sites was adopted on 19 September 2011.

Successful enforcement action against a number of unauthorised commuter car parks was suspended in 2010 to allow for a review of policy.  It was concluded that delays in achieving public transport infrastructure improvements such as Supertram/NGT in a tightening economic climate gave reason to re-interpret UDP policy on city centre commuter car parking and to permit a limited number of commuter car parking spaces in the city centre.

The policy offered five year temporary approval for commuter car parking in return for physical improvements to the quality and appearance of sites.  A “cap” of 3200 commuter car parking spaces was applied to prevent an increase in car commuting which would be contrary to strategy. 

Planning applications
Applications were invited during the three month period to 19 December 2011; these were considered collectively using a scoring system against weighted policy criteria including impact on congestion, safety, environmental enhancement, centrality of location and provision of other beneficial uses.  The cap has now been exceeded, so further applications for commuter car parking will be contrary to the policy.

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