City Centre Area Action Plan
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City Centre Area Action Plan

Preparation of the Area Action Plan stopped in 2008. 

The main purpose of the plan had been to set out policies and proposals for the development of land to help decide planning applications and guide the future growth of the city centre.

Consultation on the Alternative Options for the City Centre Area Action Plan closed on 5 May 2006.

After nearly two years of informal consultation on issues and options, the Preferred Options set out the city council’s choices.  Key issues included the size of the city centre, growth of employment and housing, sustainable construction, open space provision, transport and connections to adjoining areas.

The public consultation on the preferred options ran from 16 April to 30 May 2007. A statement of the consultation activity undertaken to promote awareness and involvement in the preferred options is available. Also, a short and full summary of comments received are available.

The Core Strategy is taking forward some of the strategic policy options of the CCAAP including quantity of office, retail and housing growth, appropriate locations for new retail provision, open space provision, conservation and design and the development of the southern half of the city centre.

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