Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan
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Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan

What is the Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan (AVL AAP)

The City Council is preparing an Area Action Plan (AAP) which will provide the future planning framework to guide the regeneration of an area of the Lower Aire Valley. This area between Leeds city centre and the M1 and beyond is referred to as Aire Valley Leeds.
The area contains over 400 hectares of development land which can help meet Leads' need for housing and provide new jobs.

Stages of Plan Preparation

Inspectors Report  

 The Planning Inspectorate issued the City Council with the Aire Valley Leeds Area Action examination Inspector’s Report and Main Modificationson 8 August 2017.  The report concludes that subject to the modifications being made, the plan is sound. It satisfies the requirements of Section 20(5) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase 2005 Act and it provides an appropriate basis for the planning of the city.  The modifications should be read along with the submitted plan​.

Proposed Main Modifications

This consultation runs from Thursday 27th April 2017 to Thursday 8th June 2017. Consultation responses should be received no later than 5:00pm on 8th June 2017. The Proposed Main Modifications can be viewed from the following page Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Examination

Examination in Public

The hearing sessions took place between in January 2017 at the Leeds Town Hall. 

Updates on the examination are available from Aire Valley Area Action Plan Examination

Submission Draft Plan

On the 23rd September 2016 Leeds City Council submitted the Aire Valley Leeds AAP Submisson Draft Plan to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination.

Publication Draft Consultation 
The Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Publication Draft was subject to formal public consultation for 8 weeks from 22 September until 16 November 2015. You can view the consultation documents from page Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Publication Draft

Having considered the responses to the plan, the proposed modifications to the Publication Draft AVLAAP and next steps are detailed in a report to Development Plan Panel on 10th May 2016.

Informal Consultation

An informal consultation took place in 2011 to ask views on two key changes. These were:
• The promotion of the area as an Urban Eco Settlement (UES).
• Proposed boundary changes to include parts of the City Centre, Hunslet and Richmond Hill. 
• The Enterprise Zone which started in April 2012.

Since 2007 some of the proposals have been revisited to take account of:

• the downturn in the economy post 2008 which has impacted on the viability of development;
• potential new ways of funding infrastructure;
• the need to make development sustainable e.g. promoting energy efficiency and green energy and industry;
• The Leeds Core Strategy and changes to national planning policy;
Work has been in progress since 2005 when ‘Early Issues for consultation’ was published. In 2006, the council consulted on some Alternative Options and then on Preferred Options in 2007.
The Council are progressing the plan in advance of the Site Allocations Plan. ​

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