Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan – informal consultation
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Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan – informal consultation

The City Council is preparing an Area Action Plan (AAP) which will provide the future planning framework to guide the regeneration of an area of the Lower Aire Valley. This area between Leeds city centre and the M1 and beyond is referred to as Aire Valley Leeds.

Earlier consultations
Work has been in progress since 2005 when ‘Early Issues for consultation’ was published. In April 2006, the council consulted on some Alternative Options and then on Preferred Options in October 2007.
Informal consultation (February 2011)

An informal consultation took place in early 2011 to ask views on two key changes had taken place since the previous consultations. These were:
 The promotion of the area as an Urban Eco Settlement (UES).
 Proposed boundary changes to Aire Valley Leeds - to include parts of the City Centre, Hunslet and Richmond Hill. 

The consultation closed on 25th March 2011.

The responses to this consultation were reported to the City Council’s Development Plan Panel in November 2011.

Next Steps
These changes have been agreed as the basis for preparing the publication draft AAP for formal consultation in late 2014.

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