Accessible Leeds Supplementary Planning Document
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Accessible Leeds Supplementary Planning Document

The Accessible Leeds Supplementary Planning Document is a planning document (supplementary to Leeds Core Strategy) which should be taken into account when considering non-residential planning applications in Leeds. It aims to provide additional guidance for planning applicants on our expectations for inclusive design and access for disabled people. It recognises the importance of creating a high quality inclusive and accessible environment, and eliminating physical barriers for disabled people in Leeds.

The guidance is intended for use by anyone applying for planning permission including developers, architects, and design teams. It should ensure that an inclusive design approach is adopted, and that developments:

  • Can be used safely, easily and with dignity by all, regardless of disability or impairment
  • Are convenient and welcoming with no disabling barriers, so everyone can use them independently without undue effort, separation or ‘special treatment’
  • Are flexible and responsive taking account of the varying needs of people; adopting a pan-disability/ impairment approach 

The document is limited to commercial planning applications, and will not provide guidance on housing applications.

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