12 wishes

What do children and young people want: the 12 wishes

The voices and views of children and young people are at the heart of making Leeds a child friendly city.  When Leeds first set out its vision, we listened to the ideas of thousands of young people of all different ages. They told us what they thought would make Leeds a better city for them to play, live and grow up in and their feedback was grouped together to form our 12 wishes.

You could use these to think about things that you and your organisation could do to make a difference… 


In a child friendly Leeds:

1. Children and young people can make safe journeys and easily travel around the city.

2. Children and young people find the city centre welcoming and safe, with friendly places to go, have fun and play.

3. There are places and spaces to play and things to do, in all areas and open to all.

4. Children and young people can easily find out what they want to know, when they want it and how they want it.

5. Children, young people and adults have a good understanding of children’s rights, according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

6. Children and young people are treated fairly and feel respected.

7. Children and young people have the support and information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

8. All our learning places identify and address the barriers that prevent children and young people from engaging in and enjoying learning.

9. There are a greater number of better quality jobs, work experience opportunities and good quality careers advice for all.

10. All children and young people have their basic rights met.

11. Children and young people express their views, feel heard and are actively involved in decisions that affect their lives — this is what we mean by ‘participation’.

12. Places and spaces where children and young people spend time and play, are free of litter and dog fouling.