Ensonglopedia of Science

11 March 2017

Tickets: £12.50 (£10.50 concession)
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Main Auditorium: 7:30pm, Age 7+

​Presented by John Hinton 

A song about science for every letter of the alphabet. Expect atoms, Big Bangs and cells. Expect X-rays, Y-chromosomes and plenty of zoology. Expect the unexpected. And expect it to rhyme!
The Ensonglopedia of Science is the brand new show by John Hinton, multi-award-winning writer and performer of the Scientrilogy of musical comedies about Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie.
Peer reviewed by scientists from institutions including University of Sussex, King’s College London, Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Natural History Museum, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy and many more.
“John Hinton is an absolute joy…this guy could get anyone interested in science” – Adelaide Theatre Guide.
“Hinton expertly makes the most complicated of concepts easily intelligible” – British Theatre Guide