The children

Children who have a plan for adoption will have been separated from their birth parents during their early childhood or sometimes when they are born. They will live with foster carers while social workers and the courts make plans for their future. We want to match these children with adoptive parents who can provide them with permanent, safe and loving homes.

The children we are actively finding adoptive families for:

  • Are aged 6 months to 7 years or even older
  • Some need to be adopted with brothers and sisters
  • Have some kind of medical condition or disability
  • Have had a difficult start to life, including neglect or abuse
  • May sometimes have challenging behaviour
  • Will have had at least one move to a foster home and sometimes a number of moves
  • Children under 12 months who will need to be placed in an Early Permanency Placement.


We are looking for adoptive parents who can support these children, care for them and meet their needs throughout their lives, including their need to identify with their own cultural background. However, this doesn't mean adoptive families have to be of the same ethnicity as the child they adopt.

We have sibling groups of children who we would like to place together with the same adoptive family. Sometimes children who we plan to place on their own have older brothers or sisters who are already adopted or who we're looking to place separately. In these situations we'll talk about making contact arrangements so that, where possible, siblings can keep in touch with each other.

Most children with a plan for adoption will have experienced significant harm as a result of their parent’s drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence or mental health; they have a range of needs, personalities, abilities and vulnerabilities, and some have significant disabilities.

When we place a child for adoption we tell the adoptive parents everything we know about that child and their experiences, family histories and needs. However there is often a lot of information we don't know so we can't always provide a full picture of how their development might progress.

Click here to see some of the children we are currently family finding for, Jayden & Jasmine*, Kegan & Jackson*, Patrick* and Sasha*

*These profiles are based on real children who have been placed for adoption in the last 12 months. Their names and images have been changed to protect their identity. ​​​​