Adoption Support

We’re here to help our adoptive parents do an amazing job. We’re one of the most established adoption support services in the UK and have been listening to adoptive families and developing the services they want to use for more than 14 years. Adoption is a lifelong commitment, and we support our adoptive parents every step of the way.

We provide a full range of adoption support to adoptive families. Please click through the list below to find out more:


We also provide support to adopted adults and birth families. Please click through the list below to find out more:

If you have adopted a child with Leeds City Council and would like to discuss adoption support please call the Adoption Duty Advice Line on 0113 378 3535.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Click to expandAdoption Support Fund

  • The Adoption Support Fund (ASF) is a new fund established to help pay for essential therapy services for adoptive families as and when they need it. It became available nationally in May 2015. It is a central fund which enables adoptive families to access the most appropriate therapeutic support for their adopted children.

  • From 6th October 2016, the government has made an additional £2million available for the Fund this year. To continue to manage the fund carefully a fair access limit of £5k per child for the remainder of this financial year has been introduced with immediate effect. Where an exceptional case is identified and approved the ASF will fund up to a maximum of £30k per child for the remainder of this financial year, providing the LA match fund the contribution made by the ASF where the fair access limit is exceeded.

Click to expandHow does it work?

If an adoptive family feel they require additional support they can apply to their local authority for an adoption support assessment. If the assessment recommends a service that the local authority does not already provide and it is within the scope of what the adoption support fund will pay for, an application to the fund can be considered. The family agrees a provider with the local authority to deliver this support. The Local Authority applies, on behalf of the family, to the Adoption Support Fund to cover the costs associated with the chosen support. If agreed by the Adoption Support Fund, the adoptive family receives the support they require.​

Click to expandWho is eligible for the Adoption Support Fund?

  • The ASF is now available for young people up to the age of 21 years and 364 days without a SEN/EHCP or 25 and 364 days with a SEN/EHCP who have been adopted from Local Authority care in England or adopted from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland but living in England and for whom the English Local Authority bears the statutory responsibility to assess.

  • Children adopted from other countries via inter-country adoptions (once the placement has been made and the child is in England) are now able to access the ASF.

  • The ASF is now available to Special Guardians who care for children who were previously looked after.

Click to expandWhat support is provided through the Fund?

The Fund will cover a range of therapeutic services that help the following positive outcomes for children:

•Improved relationships with friends, family members, teachers and school staff
•Improved engagement with learning
•Improved emotional regulation and behaviour management
•Improved confidence and ability to enjoy a positive family life and social relationships

For more information on the adoption support fund or to request a support assessment please visit: or call Leeds Adoption Service on 0113 378 3535.​