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Riders Parade

As part of the build up to the Grand Départ on Saturday 5 July, all 198 riders from the 22 teams will take part in a public parade through Leeds city centre on Thursday 3 July. This is yet another opportunity to be a part of a once in a lifetime experience in the heart of Leeds.

At 6pm the teams will set off from the University of Leeds cycling through Millennium Square before arriving at the first direct arena for the team presentation that evening.

Everyone is welcome to come along and get a sneak preview of the stars of this year's Tour de France.

A number of roads between the University, Millennium Square and the first direct arena will need to close from 4pm, to ensure the safety of the parade.

The route

The route will pass Leeds General Infirmary, before the riders sweep across Millennium Square in front of the Civic Hall. Turning left again the route then heads up Upper Cookridge Street before crossing Clay Pit Lane and turning onto Merrion Way before a final left turn takes them into the Leeds arena. The parade is free for the public to watch and will give cycling fans and the public the chance to see all the riders in action.

The parade will be led by a group of local cyclists from Leeds' cycling clubs and after the 198 riders have passed by, they will be followed by the feature team's support cars and some of the vehicles from the famous publicity caravan.

Car parks affected:

Woodhouse Lane car park

You will be able to use Woodhouse Lane car park as normal, but after 5pm all traffic will be sent up Clay Pit Lane and then onto the Inner Ring Road or down to Sheepscar. As a result anyone who wants to come out of Woodhouse Lane car park onto the Loop will have to either do so via the Inner Ring Road or north on Woodhouse Lane to Clarendon Road down to Park Lane and then onto the Headrow at Westgate Point.

Merrion car park

You will be able to use Merrion car park as normal, but after 4:30pm you will only be able to get in and out from the Wade Lane direction (which is the opposite end to Merrion House).

  • There are some parking bay suspensions on the parade route 
  • The road closure is booked until 10pm, but we will try to re-open the roads by 9pm
  • The combination of the parade, and people coming into the arena for the event, will lead to delays and changed traffic flows, so please be prepared for your journey time to be longer than usual.

Event route road closures

Calverley Street (southbound) – between Clarendon Way and Great George Street
Clarendon Way - The Whole
Clay Pit Lane (south-west bound) - Between the Inner Ring Road and Woodhouse Lane
Cookridge Street – Between Portland Gate and Woodhouse Lane
Elmwood Close – The Whole​
Lovell Park Road - Between Grafton St and Merrion Way
Merrion Way - The Whole
Portland Gate – The Whole
Wade Lane - Closed Northbound ​
Willow Terrace Road – The Whole
Woodhouse Lane - At its junction with Clay Pit Lane

Suspension of parking places

Calverley St - The Whole
Portland Crescent - The Whole
Portland Gate  - The Whole
Cookridge Street - The Whole
Clarendon Road - Between Woodhouse Square and Hyde Street
Clarendon Way - The Whole
Willow Terrace Road - The Whole
Merrion Way - The Whole
Lovell Park Road - Between Grafton Street and Wade Lane
Wade Lane - The Whole

Removal of one way traffic flow

Portland Gate – The Whole