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Web Page
Information about buying your council house or flat. This page also includes information for leaseholders.

Buying your council home to buy toolkit.pdf

Web Page
Grant funding for new developments to build social housing

Buying your council home to Buy summary.pdf

Right to buy grant programme to Buy grant letter.pdf

Buying your council home Right to Buy Your Home.pdf

Web Page
Guide to Community Right to Bid in Leeds

but we want to take that extra step to improving t … Over the next 10 years our aim is to im … e facilities will also help to make it easier for local people to access training … and Seacroft Neighbourhood Framework 15.pdf

Buying your council home of buying your Flat.pdf

follow to ensure we remain financially viable, able to respond in a flexible way to the range of … commercial approach and includes a range of proposals to expand the range of traded … Medium Term Financial Strategy 2017-18 to 2019-20.pdf

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